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  • Keystone Facebook Experience

    Keystone Facebook Experience By Jennifer Shipp I created a Facebook page specifically for the PAT program in my school district. It is a great way to connect and share information with parents of young children. With every mailing that is sent out to families, I include a note inviting them to come and "like" our page.

  • Maize PAT Facebook Use

    Maize PAT Facebook Use Julie Rains Maize PAT is currently using Facebook as a fun, effective way to communicate with our parents in our program. Along with offering a “Free Tip” each week, we also add photos from playgroups and big events. We invite/encourage parents to share their own ideas and pictures there as well!

  • Facebook Resources

    Facebook Resources Account Set-Up Instructions Facebook Help (see pic to right, help is on settings tab) KPATA Facebook Page Mashable: Beginner's Guide to Facebook; How to Create a Top Secret Group