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Coordinator's Retreat

Coordinator's Retreat

Mon, June 24, 2019

Who: PAT Coordinators and Lead Parent Educators
(this is our target audience, but all are welcome)

What: Summer Retreat 2019

Where: Blue Valley Hilltop Learning Center

When:  Evening Social - June 24th (this will be an additional cost).  Retreat - June 25th, 2019 from 9am - 4pm.  

Why: Because together we are better!

The cost is $50 per participant for June 25th.  This includes your 2019-2020 KPATA Membership.  More details will be sent out about the June 24th evening social at a later date once details have been finalized.  Remember, the evening social will be an extra cost.

An optional light breakfast and exercise for early risers, and lunch will be served on June 25th.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (Deadline to register is June 14th)

CLICK HERE FOR HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS (Deadline to book your hotel room is June 3rd)

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