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Board Members

Board of Directors

Suzy Green – President, 

Jacki Himpel - President Elect, 

Joan Dunn – Past President, 

Vice President 

Rita Kancel – Treasurer, 

Leslie Sissel - Secretary, 

Brandy Kirk - NC Regional Director,

Tabitha Morris – NC Regional Director, 

Robyn Elder - NE Regional Director, 

Rebecca Stewart – NE Regional Director, 

Pam May – NW Regional Director, 

Joelle Good – SC Regional Director, 

Cindy Shriwise – SW Regional Director, 

Kristen Newton – SE Regional Director, 

State Leader and Member at Large 

Callie Benton – Executive Director, 

Christina Jackowski – Executive Director Secretary, 

KPATA General Email - All inquires,







Looking for bylaws, meeting minutes, and other governance documents? Click here.


The Nominating Committee would like to invite  KPATA members in the following regions to consider becoming a Representative for their region-NC, SE, NE, NW, SC, and SW.    

We are also seeking a member interested in the position of President-Elect.  This position will be available July 1, 2016 when our current President, Callie, takes over as Executive Director and our current President-Elect, Rebecca Clancy, becomes President.  We would like to see this position filled as soon as possible.

Click here to read the full Nominating Committee Letter

Click here to view the current KPATA Board of Directors

Download the Application Form Here