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Board Members

Board of Directors

Jacki Himpel – President,

Michelle Kelly - President Elect, 

Suzy Green – Past President, 

Cammie Braden - Vice President,

Rita Kancel – Treasurer, 

Leslie Sissel - Secretary, 

Brandy Kirk - NC Regional Director,

Tabitha Morris – NC Regional Director, 

Kicia Wagner- NE Regional Director,

Nichole Fairley – NE Regional Director,

Pam May – NW Regional Director, 

Joelle Good – SC Regional Director, 

Misty Piester – SW Regional Director,

Leslie Ewy – SE Regional Director, 

Nis Wilbur - State Leader and Member at Large,

Callie Peace – Executive Director, 

Christina Jackowski – Executive Director Secretary, 

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Looking for bylaws, meeting minutes, and other governance documents? Click here.